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Many of you know we offer a 10% parts & labor discount to active and veteran military members.

Many don’t know our ‘WHY’. The picture below is one of our ‘whys’.

This is the owner’s late grandfather, Al. Al served in the Army during WWII. At 23 years of age his right arm was blown off and his back broken in three places while fighting in Japan. He not only went on to be able to write with his left hand, but he also ran a backhoe and dump truck (No Power Steering mind you) as his life long profession all with the use of just one hand / arm.

He sacrificed his lfe for our country. The least we can do is offer a discount to other active and veteran military members as a thank you for their sacrifice. We love our country and those who have served allowing us our continued freedom.

Thank you Military Members!

(We also offer this same discount to first responders & CCW Permit Holders.)

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