Cell Phone Dangers: Not Just Texting While Driving

Is your cell phone under attack? Malicious hackers who gain access to your phone can use your number to make their own calls and charge them to your account, or steal your personal information. Guard your security with these tips:

  • • Check your settings. Your phone’s settings page and documentation will have security options, like a keypad lock code. Choose the most secure settings available.
  • • Be careful with applications. Don’t download an app you aren’t familiar with, or one that asks you for information that doesn’t seem appropriate. Be suspicious of text messages that ask you to click on unfamiliar links.
  • • Disable network features. Turn off functions like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you’re not using them to prevent hackers from collecting your data wirelessly.
  • • Keep your eye on your phone. A skilled hacker needs only about three minutes with your phone to take control of it. Don’t let it out of your sight, even momentarily.
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